Which Glue Do I Use…For Fixing a Hole in my Inflatable Boat?

Glue: Bostik Unigrip 999HR – PVC, 2402 Boscoprene – Hyplalon

Activator: Bostik Desmodur RFE

Cleaner: Bostik No. 2 Solvent

Method: Carefully clean both surfaces with the Solvent. Mix Activator to glue (5%) and apply generously to both surfaces and allow to dry to touch. Apply patch ensuring there is no bubbles. Leave for 24 hours to completely dry.

Inflatable Boat Repair Instructions – Detailed.

1. Clean surfaces to be glued 2 or 3 times with “Inflatable Boat Patch Cleaner”.

2. The Activator “Desmodur RFE” should be used in
conjunction with the “Inflatable boat Adhesive” and should be mixed at approx. 5% to the volume of glue used. Only mix quantity of glue required for the job.

3. Apply the mixed glue to both surfaces, make sure 100% coverage is achieved.

4. Once glue is tacky (around 5-7min) join the glued surfaces, ensuring there is no air bubbles.

5. For a stronger patch or load bearing glue line, let the glue dry completely and then reactivate with a heat gun or hairdryer. DO NOT overheat, just pass the gun slowly above the glue.

6. Excess adhesive can be cleaned off with “Inflatable Boat Patch Cleaner.

7. Allow to fully cure before use, 24hours is preferably.

NOTE: Don’t shortcut the cleaning process as this is the most important part of the process.


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