Desmodur RFE

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Desmodur RFE

Adding isocyanates gives the adhesive bonds much higher heat, solvent and water resistance compared to the adhesive without crosslinker added. The adhesion to all substrates is dramatically improved, especially in the case of Bostik 2402 adhesive to rubber and metal. In the case of Bostik’s Polyurethane adhesives such as Unigrip 999 and Ultragrip 777 there is a much-increased water and heat resistance. Some adhesives such as Bostik’s 1659 & 2402 contact adhesives must use crosslinking agents; they are part of the adhesive system.  Nitrile adhesives such as Clear Bond also benefit greatly from the addition of isocyanates.  The heat resistance and adhesion is boosted.

Many of the Neoprene contact adhesives (such as 1181, 1222 & Super Contact Bond) are not normally used with crosslinking agents because of the very short pot life after mixing.  Contact us for advice before attempting to use crosslinkers in adhesives other than those recommended on the packaging.

Available in 50ml or 750ml

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