Epoxy Bond

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Bostik Epoxy Bond

The 5 Minute Industrial Strength 2 Part Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy Bond is a fast setting two-part epoxy adhesive. Setting time 5 minutes with full set in 12 hours. Epoxy Bond is a two part epoxy resin-based adhesive recommended for use where a quick set, high strength adhesive is required.

Bonds in approximately 5 minutes to give a colourless, permanent bond. Resists heat up to 60°C and can withstand boiling water for short period of time. Maximum bond strength is achieved after approximately one hour.

  • Quick setting - bonds in 5 minutes
  • Heat resistant rating of 60°C
  • Colourless permanant bond
  • Excellent adhesive strength of 800 psi for metal/metal bonds
  • Once cured, withstands boiling water for short periods of time.
  • Bonds most common household materials including:
    • Pottery and China
    • Painted metal and stainless steel
    • Glass and mirrors
    • Wood
    • Rigid PVC, Laminex and Formica
    • Leather & Canvas

Sizes: 10ml

Also available in 24ml Syringe

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