UZIN NC 170 Levelstar

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UZIN NC 170 Levelstar 

Premium Levelling Compound - Substrate refurbishment with the newest levelling compound technology

Self-levelling, extremely smooth cement-based levelling compound with Level Plus Effect for every layer thickness range

UZIN NC 170 Levelstar is a Self-levelling, high-strength cement smoothing compound for virtually all applications and substrates and for use at any thickness*. Suitable for producing level, prepared surfaces with high absorbency for all types of floor coverings and wood flooring in areas with exposure to very heavy wear. For interior use only.

  • Extremely good flow characteristics, even better result of laid covering surfaces
  • Best absorbency in spite of high strength, time advantage at bonding of high-quality floor coverings
  • Very smooth surface, time and cost savings as well as optimal result of laying
  • For large areas


  • High quality smoothing and levelling work prior to all types of floor covering work, wood flooring, ceramic and natural stone coverings
  • New substrates, e.g. cement screeds
  • Existing substrates in need of renovation, e.g. on waterproof adhesive and levelling compound residues


  • No thickness limitations
  • Highly plasticised
  • Very easy adhesive application
  • Up to 10 % less adhesive consumption
  • Shear-resistent under wood flooring
  • Interior use only
  • Low-chromate content

EMICODE EC 1 R - Very low emission

*At above 10mm compound thickness, extend with quartz sand aggregate.

Size: 20kg Bag

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