BladeCote (formerly DriCote) Blade & Bit Lubricant

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BladeCote (formerly DriCote)

Blade & Bit Lubricant

Regular use of Bostik BladeCote on saw blades, router and drill bits and knives significantly reduces cutting friction and the buildup of resin or pitch. DriCote dries in seconds and will not gum-up, even after several applications.

Features and Benefits

• Prevents resin buildup. Reduces blade cleanings.
• Extends overall life of blades and bits by up to 3 times!
• More than doubles time between resharpenings.
• Contains NO silicone or petroleum oil. Will NOT stain wood or affect glues or finishes.
• Reduces cutting friction and heat by 30%.
• Prolongs equipment life by reducing saw or drill motor drag by up to 25%.
• Increases productivity by less downtime for saw blade changeovers.
• Environmentally safer aerosol—NO CFCs and NO ODCs.

Recommended Uses

Works equally well on steel or carbide, stellite and diamond-tipped cutting blades.

Note: BladeCote (formerly DriCote) as per data sheets attached - Same Product.

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