Moisture Seal Part A & B

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Moisture Seal Part A & B

Bostik Moisture seal is a two part water based epoxy coating designed as a moisture and vapour barrier membrane to prevent water seepage and permeation through concrete floors. The product shows excellent adhesion and acts as a surface preparation for subsequent adhesives when laying floor coverings of all kinds.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy water clean up 
  • Withstands high levels of hydrostatic head of water pressure (up to 25 metres or 250 kPa) 
  • Excellent adhesion to recommended substrates 
  • Convenient equal part mixing ratio by volume or weight 
  • Approved for use with potable (drinking) water, conforms to AS4020 (1992) 
  • Tested to ASTM E96 for water vapour transmission 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Non flammable, negligible odour and toxicity
  • Has excellent adhesion to most substrates including bricks, masonry, concrete, compressed fibreboard , stone and timber.

Recommended Uses

  • As low vapour transmission rate barrier membrane prior to the application of Bostik Ultraset Timber flooring adhesive.
  • As a low water vapour transmission rate barrier membrane coating in the building and construction industries.
  • As a water proofing membrane to prevent water seepage or moisture penetration through to the interior of walls and floors.
  • As a waterproofing vapour barrier in tanking applications and sealing over damp concrete surfaces either as an internal finish or prior to over-coating with other coatings.
  • A highly tolerant membrane / barrier to prevent water seepage or permeation for floors, walls, water storage tanks or reservoirs and swimming pools.
  • Safe to use in sensitive location (e.g. around food or habitable areas). Low odour.
  • May be used as a waterproof primer prior to the application of Ultraseal, Boscoseal PU, one and two part polyurethane sealants, and cementitious floor screeds.
  • As an effective vapour barrier on concrete or masonry prior to the application of timber flooring or panels.
  • As a water proofing membrane, curing compound and barrier coating over freshly laid hardened (green) concrete.

Sizes: 8 Litre Kit or 20 Litre Kit

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