Epoxy Bond Super Strength – 35ml Blister


Epoxy Super Strength
Epoxy Super Strength ” Industrial Strength Epoxy”.  
Bonds: Glass, Metal, Concrete and ceramics, many plastics (excluding polyproplyene, polyethlyene, Teflon, and plasticised PVC), Wood, Leather & Canvas.    
Epoxy Super Strength is a two part epoxy resin adhesive recommended for use where a rigid high strength adhesive is required.
Setting time 6-8 hours and fully cured in 24 hours. Resists heat up to 60°C and can withstand boiling water for short periods of time.

  • Waterproof bond
  • Can withstand boiling water for short periods of time
  • Heat resistance rating of 60ºC temperature continuously
  • Uses:
    Use for bonding rigid materials where very high bond strength is required. Epoxy Super Strength is a liquid that requires the parts to be clamped together until set, typically overnight. Excellent gap filling strength.
    Size: 35ml (2x 17.5ml)

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