Purple Delicate Surface Japanese Washi Tape 18mm x 50m


The Difference Between Genuine Japanese Masking Tapes & Traditional Masking Tapes
For hundreds of years, Japanese artisans have produced high strength Washi paper. The very-fine grained Washi paper made from the Mulberry or Gampi tree is perfect for giving a professional straight edge for accurate masking.
Unlike traditional masking tapes with some having to be removed within 24 hours, Washi masking tapes use a unique acrylic formation that extends the usable life of the tape.
This acrylic formation is very useful for long paint or maintenance projects, as Washi can stay in place for up to 3 months without leaving a residue upon removal.


  • Clean removal
  • UV/weather resistant
  • Durable super thin paper for perfect straight-edged lines
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