PVC Tape UV & Water Resistant – Orange 18mm x 55m


PVC Tape UV & Water Resistant – Orange
Available in 10mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm or 48mm
This tape is made from tough conformable PVC film and has an easy unwind release coating for ease of application. It is coated one side with an good tack rubber adhesive system that is designed to release off most surfaces without leaving residue behind.
For exterior use up to 21 days.
Areas of Use
Construction & Building – Masking and protection type applications during building, office fit outs and renovations. Eg : painted or powder coated aluminium, window surrounds,and painted wood surfaces. 
Painting & Plastering work – Used by both the professional and DIY person, this tape helps protect valuable surfaces from paint drips, spatters and plaster dust.

  • Used for marking, repairing and protection on surfaces such as glass and aluminium.
  • Excellent where high visibility is required to identify masked off areas – eg glass surfaces
  • Excellent for use on textured and rough structured surfaces – unpainted wood or concrete. 
  • The smooth easy unwind release off the roll assists application and saves time.
  • Leaves no residue Highly visible ORANGE colour .
  • Excellent UV and water resistance, Up to 3 weeks exterior exposure.
  • Extra tough PVC film Designed to remove off most surfaces without leaving adhesive residue behind.(testing is always recommended on application surfaces.) When applying to newly painted surfaces please ensure that they have had time to cure.
    The film is designed to be tear and puncture resistant.The pliable film and good adhesion qualities aid its use on uneven surfaces.
  • Technical Data
    Colour – Orange
    Carrier – Soft PVC film
    Thickness – (total) 0.127mm
    Adhesive – Rubber
    Adhesion to steel – 0.40 kg/25 mm
    Tensile strength – 5 kg/25 mm
    Elongation – 150%
    Shelf life – 12 months – ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
    Surface Preparation
    The surface on which the tape is to be used must be clean, dry and free from grease and dust. Remember that pressure sensitive adhesive must be applied with the maximum possible pressure in order to achieve maximum adhesion levels. The recommended application temperature is between 15oC and 25oC.

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