RTV 926 High Performance Silicone Adhesive

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  • RTV 926 High Performance Silicone Adhesive from Adhesives & Sealants Waikato Ltd
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RTV 926 High Performance Silicone Adhesive

Industrial Grade

A Premium Industrial Grade 100% Silicone Rubber for Factory, Mining and Plant Maintenance.

  • Neutral Cure
  • High Strength
  • High Performance
  • Rapid Cure

A one part, neutral, rapid curing, RTV silicone adhesive.                 RTV 926 is specifically designed for use in areas requiring higher performance specification than that offered by general purpose silicone sealants.

RTV 926 is recommended for use in the following applications:

  • Factory and plant maintenance.
  • FIPG (Formed in place gaskets) for sheet metal, duct work, piping, roofing and water tanks etc.
  • Automotive, Marine and general maintenance applications.
  • Manufacturing of white goods & equipment.
  • Extremes of temperature (-50°C to + 205°C).
  • Where high adhesive strength is required.
  • Bonds most industrial substrates eg, metals, glass, some plastics and rubbers, painted surfaces, ceramics etc.
  • Will accommodate + 35% movement of original joint width.
  • RTV 926 has excellent resistance to vibration, ozone, UV radiation and many industrial chemicals.

Colour: Translucent

Size: 300g Cartridge

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