Which Glue Do I Use?

For Fixing a Hole in my Inflatable Boat?

Glue: Bostik Unigrip 999HR - PVC, 2402 Boscoprene - Hyplalon Activator: Bostik Desmodur RFE Cleaner: Bostik No. 2 Solvent Method: Carefully clean both surfaces with the Solvent. Mix Activator to glue (5%) and apply generously to both surfaces and allow to dry to touch. Apply patch ensuring there is no bubbles. Leave for 24 hours to completely dry. Inflatable B

For Fixing my Shoes?

Glue: Bostik Super Contact Bond Cleaner: No. 2 Solvent, Meths Method: Clean the area to be repaired with Solvent Cleaner or Meths. Keep Surfaces apart and apply the glue to both surfaces, allow to dry to the touch then bring surfaces together and tape the joint. Leave overnight.

For Resealing my Shower?

Sealant: Bostik Shower Seal Cleaner: Meths, Isopropyl Alcohol Method: Cut out the old silicone with a stanley knife. Clean surface to be sealed atleast 3x to remove body fat / soap. etc. Tape around 5mm each side of the area to be sealed. Apply the seal with a caulking gun, smooth sealant using a wetted finger with a couple of drops dishwashing liquid in 1 cup of water. Remo
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